The program can assist small businesses to access digital technologies and services to work smarter, engage with the local and global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption.  The focus is on digital disruption which a new or existing technology changes the landscape of how we interact or consume products and services in any industry.

There are few examples of digital disruption and a great example is how music is distributed. Many years ago music was distributed on CDs or vinyl and then in the 2000s music was distributed digitally by purchasing individual songs on itunes. Recently, it has evolved to a subscription service where users pay a monthly subscription to listen to thousands of songs.  As long as your small business is digital and has an innovative solution then you should apply for this grant.

What funding is available?

Matched funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) may be provided to purchase hardware, software or services (such as outsourcing digital strategy). The minimum grant is $1,000.

The Requirements for Eligibility

The business must:

  • Have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant
  • Have an Australian Business Number and be registered for GST
  • Have Queensland headquarters
  • Have a turnover of $2 million or less in the last financial year
  • Not be insolvent or have owners/directors that are an undischarged bankrupt
  • 1 application will be accepted
  • Previously successful applicants cannot reapply for funding
  • Business must also be in a financial position to pay up front for the approved product(s) and or service(s) in full.

Applying for the Grant

For information on the next round subscribe to the newsletter.  The next grant opens up on November 11th and close December 10th.

Assessment process

The application is assessed on the following four points:

  • the impact the digital technology or service will have on the business (measured by revenue growth, increase in gross profit, time savings, employment outcomes)
  • the extent to which the digital technology or service will enhance the digital capabilities of the business to make the business more competitive
  • the potential and likelihood the activity will deliver jobs growth
  • value for money

If you have a business that meets or closely meets the requirements, start your application today. If you need help the application then you can contact us as we’ve helped small business submit an application for Digital Services.