Digital Grants Available in Queensland

The program can assist small businesses to access digital technologies and services to work smarter, engage with the local and global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption.  The focus is on digital disruption which a new or existing technology changes the landscape of how we interact or consume products and services in any industry. There are few examples of digital disruption and [...]

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The future of Cookies in Digital Marketing

Cookie-based tracking has been the go-to method for third party systems to perform user tracking and targeted marketing. With recent changes in regulation (GDPR) and the rise in volume of targeted marketing, there is an increased user demand for privacy protection and for control of the information that is stored and shared to third party systems. Technology providers have raised to the occasion by adding features to their products [...]

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My Google search ads stopped generating impressions after implementing remarketing

The issue - Google Search ads stopped generating impressions after implementing remarketing Background Your Google Ads account has been running a search campaign targeting traffic on Google search. To help increase conversion you've implemented remarketing lists for search ads and after 24-48 hours your search ads are no longer generating any clicks or impressions. You start freaking out and questioning what you have implemented to the account that caused [...]

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What is an Affiliate and Operator

Online Marketing Knowledge Level: Beginner: You'll learn what is an affiliate and operator. Marketing Channel:  Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Over the years we've trained newbie affiliate managers on how to successfully manage and grow an affiliate program.  The first day on the job we go through examples of what is an affiliate and what is operator.  In some industries is a lot easier to explain the difference as examples we [...]

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In this post you'll tools that will help with you technical SEO and Schema testers.  These tools relate to load times and Schemas and they are located in one location to help you find the right location of the tool. Page Speed Insights - Gives page speed score and optimisation recommendations Mobile Website Speed and Performance - Gives information regarding load times on the 3G network Mobile-friendly test - [...]

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Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

This post contains the link to Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.  The evaluator guidelines do not directly impact the ranking of a web page. The goal of the quality ratings is to evaluate how well a page achieves its purpose.  It will help a writer structure and write content that matches the user's intent. The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines is a great bedtime read as it contains 164 pages [...]

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SEO Tips for Marketing Teams and Businesses

We've recently been participating in number of networking events across Brisbane over the last few weeks and we've had discussions with a number of business and marketing teams that want SEO tips that they can execute.  This post is inspired by those discussions and we've come up with a number of tips that you can implement for your website to improve your visibility. Here our SEO tips for Marketing [...]

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UK ASA – Significant Terms for Promotional Marketing

Many gambling affiliates are recently getting an influx of emails from affiliate managers related to GDPR and requests to update operators's promotional terms and conditions on the affiliate's website.  Not complying to these request will have you, the affiliate, removed from any UK affiliate program if you do not comply by adding a link to the terms and conditions and listing significant terms and conditions for each promotion.  The [...]

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Using SEO to Match User Intent

This article will cover matching keywords and its intent. Introduction:  The use of keywords in a SEO strategy has changed over the years as the algorithms have evolved and the importance of keywords will continue to evolve as voice search becomes mainstream.  Every keyword or group of keywords has different intent and understanding that intent will help your product, service or information gain higher visibility in the search engines [...]

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Website Meta Descriptions – How To Best Implement

Article updated on October 3rd:  Google no longer shows 320 characters for the meta description in the SERPS Online marketing skill level:  Beginner, you'll learn about all the elements that make up a great meta description for a web page. What are Meta Descriptions? Meta descriptions are a summary of the content on your page. That is used in the search results to give the end user a guide [...]

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