This post contains the link to Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.  The evaluator guidelines do not directly impact the ranking of a web page. The goal of the quality ratings is to evaluate how well a page achieves its purpose.  It will help a writer structure and write content that matches the user’s intent.

The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines is a great bedtime read as it contains 164 pages that covers the following:

  • Understanding what is Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness or for short EAT
  • Examples of high quality main content of a page
  • Examples of low and medium quality main content of a page
  • Identify what is a Your Money or Your Life page (YMYM)
  • Understanding mobile user needs
  • The relationship between E-A-T and needs me

The quality evaluator guidelines are updated roughly once a year and it is ideal to review this document or parts of the document before writing or updating content.